Do I need a helicopter? Yes, of course!

At my club there is a huge base of copter flyers and I was always fascinated watching them doing their 3D moves. I have to say that I don’t like the noise of the blades with some of the tricks and I am also quite intimidated, not only because of the huge rotor blades, but also because if they crash, much is broken  – at least compared to a foam flyer.

I started a couple of days ago with the simulator, simply trying to hover one of these machines. Then I went for a search for small copters which I could fly in my allotment garden. The decision was between a Blade Nano CP and the WLTOYS V977. Both have spares available, but the Blade, of course is much more expensive and does not even have a brushless motor like the WLTOYS. I know that I will be laughed at at my club if they ever see me with the WLTOYS, but who cares?

V977 Box Yesterday the famous chinese wrapped in plastic package arrived at my home. Packaging of this bird really is nice! All is separated in one box, only the printing is somewhat strange. Infrared? Nah! Its 2.4 GHz of course. All looks great out of the box, even the transmitter is quite nice for what it is. You can even change between modes with  a switch centering the one stick or the other!

Maiden flight today was pretty much uneventful. I still don’t know, why it vibrates so much on startup, but even the prop wash on ground level is much less than expected. It hovers quite easily in beginner 6G mode, but I still managed to cut some flowers. But then I got crazy and switched to 3D. The copter is no longer self centering so every move needs to be counter-corrected. I crashed and because the rotor keeps spinning like its normal for a CP copter, I broke the main gear. And put the replacement on the right way. And can’t get it off! Well, I will find a way. 🙂 So far, I’m very happy with my purchase!

Building myself a trainer

The weather was not that bad, but I needed to build something out of foam again. The printed plans of the FliteTest Tiny Trainer were lying around for quite a while now, so it was an obvious choice.

I went with the powered version with aileron controls. There is also a 4 channel version with a dihedral wing and a glider version without the motor. I guess I will build a glider nose later to be able to slope this thing without a motor.

The bird is made out of 4mm foamboard, colored with packing tape. As electronics there are 4 trusted HXT500 servos, an Emax 1806 motor with 12 Amp Turnigy Plush ESC and an 6 channel Orange receiver.

I’m quite happy with the looks 🙂